Buy psychedelic mushrooms Australia. Firstly, Psychedelics are a hallucinogenic class of psychoactive drug whose primary effect is to trigger non-ordinary states of consciousness and Secondly, psychedelic experiences via serotonin 2A receptor agonism. Thirdly, this causes specific psychological, visual and auditory changes, and often a substantially altered state of consciousness.

Moreover, there are at least 30 species of mushrooms in Australia that have hallucinogenic properties. Which-are, the three most commonly eaten magic mushrooms in Australia are ‘gold caps/tops’, ‘blue meanies’, and ‘liberty caps’. Fresh or dried magic mushrooms are usually taken orally and may be eaten raw or cooked.

Psychedelics are a hallucinogenic class of psychoactive drug whose primary effect is to trigger non-ordinary states of consciousness and psychedelic experiences via serotonin 2A receptor agonism. This causes specific psychological, visual and auditory changes, and often a substantially altered state of consciousness. “Classical” psychedelic drugs include mescalineLSDpsilocybin, and DMT. Psychedelic Online shop, Buy Psychedelic Online UK

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