Ecstasy ( MDMA Pills )

Ecstasy ( MDMA Pills )

Ecstasy pills for sale Victoria, Ecstasy: God’s Way of Giving us Heaven on Earth.

The wholesome love, the swift mind rush that makes you absolutely overwhelmed with emotions — you open your eyes and glance around, only to find yourself surrounded by friends you love, who love you back. This is what Ecstasy does.

Also known as Molly or MDMA, Ecstasy makes your heart open to the most infinite and deepest emotions you could imaginably conceive. Ecstasy propels you in the zone where you experience the sort of care and bliss you feel when you’re sick and a loved one takes care of you… multiplied by a thousand!

The emotions and warmth you feel on an Ecstasy trip are so pure that they’re unhindered by your own personal predicaments. Your walls go with it. Ecstasy helps you open up as well. You can say things freely that you would have previously hesitated and blushed to even privately linger upon. And what might have been met with contempt or disdain beforehand, on Ecstasy, it’s met with your incessant love. Ecstasy pills for sale Victoria

Go back in your mind to the happiest of times where you felt the most freehearted. Now compound this over immeasurably. That’s how Ecstasy’s over and undertones come to be. The users of Ecstasy are phenomenally non-judgmental and euphoric. With a warm feeling all over, when you take Ecstasy, even the slightest touch is so intrinsically sensitive that any inkling feels truly astounding.

In all honesty, a pure Ecstasy experience is indescribable. Used mostly as a party drug to stimulate emotions, if taken by a group, the users can be seen expressing their love and admiration for everyone, and meaning it with every shred of their being at that point in time. Ecstasy brings out the version of the human race that is devoid of the primal, negative emotions that hold us back with impeding forces. At least once in your lifetime, it is to be experienced — MDMA is unreal — the feeling of Ecstasy is pure utopia.

Aside from the heavenly experience, Ecstasy also offers a multitude of therapeutic benefits. It is currently being tested for use on people suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other emotional ordeals. Additionally, before its use was banned, it found great applications in marriage counseling. The reason is that it lets you break your barriers, express yourself without shame or guilt, and makes you feel profound emotions that can breathe a new life into relationships.

Scientifically, what makes you feel so passionate, loving, happy, and content with everything are two hormones that are unchained when you indulge in Ecstasy.

Ecstasy or Molly/MDMA increases the activity of two cerebral chemicals:
• Dopamine: It accounts for an increased energy/activity level. Also, it sensitizes the sentiment portion of your brain, making you feel happiness and love more intensely.
• Serotonin: It affects many things, including appetite, sleep, and mental state. Alongside kicking your mood into high spirits, serotonin released by the intake of Ecstasy triggers endorphins that strengthen the feeling of trust and enhance sexual arousal.

A combination of these two hormones released in large amounts constitutes the affectionate closeness, elevated empathy, and compassion felt by those who use Ecstasy.

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