Truffles – FAMILY-Pack (250 gr.)


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🌾 Yield: 250 Gram
🧠 Strength & Visuals: varies per species
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📏 Size: 20 x 15 x 1 Centimeter
🌡️ Stock Temperature: 4 Celsius
⏳ Shelf Life: 2 Months, when unopened
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Buy Magic Truffles in Europe Product Details
🌾 Yield: 250 Gram
🧠 Strength & Visuals: varies per species. buy Psilocybe hollandia, Maakali/ shakti truffle, microdosing xp Psilocybin.
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📏 Size: 20 x 15 x 1 Centimeter
🌡️ Stock Temperature: 4 Celsius
⏳ Shelf Life: 1 Months, when unopened
It goes for the strongest type of truffles (choose from dropdown), so you can have Maakali & QuBit !

The bulk is packed per 250 gram (not per 15 gram). A Family Pack can not contain more than 1 type of truffle. If you buy 500 gram, though, you can choose 2 different types., Buy Magic Mushroom Australia, Psilocybe cubensis,

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Which type of truffle?

Maakali, QuBit ( Strongest ), Aline


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